I've been using the Ghost platform for some time now and it is without doubt my favourite. One thing, however, that has been some what of a pain, is the lack of automation in terms of updates.

To overcome this, I've created two small utilities to help keep up to date.

Notifications of New Releases

The first is an IFTTT recipe which will monitor the Ghost GitHub Repository for new releases and send me a push notification. This recipe can easily be modified to e-mail you or whatever other method of communication you'd prefer.

You can find the IFTTT recipe here: https://ifttt.com/recipes/319718-send-a-pushover-notification-when-a-new-version-of-ghost-is-released-on-github

Update Script

The second utility, is a small bash script that I coined together from These Manual Instructions on Updating which will:

  1. Stop the ghost service
  2. Create a backup in the var/www/backups folder (I'd highly recommend changing this if you expose your entire www folder publicly, or if you simply would rather it be somewhere else)
  3. Download the latest version and extract it
  4. Update all dependencies via NPM
  5. Cleanup the temporary files and start the ghost service

The script can be found below:

today=`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`;  
service ghost stop  
tar -zcvf "/var/www/backups/ghost_backup_$today.tar.gz" /var/www/ghost  
wget https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip -O /tmp/ghost-latest.zip  
unzip /tmp/ghost-latest.zip -d /tmp/ghost-temp  
rm -rf /var/www/ghost/core  
cp -R /tmp/ghost-temp/core /var/www/ghost  
cp /tmp/ghost-temp/index.js /var/www/ghost/index.js  
cp /tmp/ghost-temp/*.json /var/www/ghost  
chown -R ghost:ghost /var/www/ghost  
cd /var/www/ghost  
npm install --production  
rm -rf /tmp/ghost-temp  
service ghost start  
rm /tmp/ghost-latest.zip